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The Manhattan Puzzle

                                          Laurence O’Bryan


The gifted Irish writer, Laurence O’Bryan, once more rises to the occasion with the release of his third book in a series, The Manhattan Puzzle. The conspiracy theories which imbue the novel center on a historic glimpse into the criminal attributes of the bankers of New York. A secret symbol guides the destructive force and threatens the world. Herein, lye the global puzzle with ties to hidden forces. The main characters Sean and Isabel are threatened with deceit and covert signs which seek to separate them. The author has written this mystery/thriller genre with fiction as a guide. His roots lie deep in the Mountains of Mourne near the Silent Valley in County Down, Northern Ireland. Mr.O’Bryan has been nominated and awarded various literary prizes in sync with public acclaim for his series The Istanbul Puzzle and Jerusalem Puzzle. Harper Collins publishing will exhibit and release The Manhattan Puzzle on October 10, 2013. Laurence O’Bryan has crowned the third book a masterpiece of intrigue with an eye toward the jewel in the diadem.

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October 10, 2013.

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