The Timeless Scribe
Literature by Barbara Olsgard Winquist

The Tale of an Honest Man-American Book Publisher

The novel is fiction in the mystery suspense genre. The tale encircles three friends who search the earth for ancient scrolls that will unearth the black force controlling our modern systems of government with political correctness and devising the destruction of the Christian society by destroying the societal norms. They reveal the inner core and devise the plan to set the wheels in motion against the ancient cults which began with the Knights Templars. Available at in the up and coming category to be released on March 16, 2013.

Tongues of Fire

A collection of poetic verse with spiritual dimensions.The chapbook is my personal collection which is available at,,

Immortal verses-Echo the Lyric of Ivory Keys

International Library of Poetry

The Departing Day-Hearts Cry

Poetry Institute of Canada

Rafa Mal A'kim- A Golden Morning

Poetry Institute of Canada
Medici Decadence-Fission
Polar Expressions

South West Booster
Shame on Wall for alcohol regulation changes
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Prairie Post Interview
Published February 20, 2013

Laurence O'Bryan Blog - Emerging Writers Guest Post #43
Published June 16, 2013


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